Saturday, March 23, 2013

Card for a College Friend

 My husband talks a lot of crap about Facebook - he doesn't like it, and uses it begrudgingly... but I really enjoy FB... I can keep in touch with teacher friends from around the country, and most important, keep in touch with cousins I haven't seen in more than 25 years or so.

It also affords me the luxury to keep up with college friends!  I really loved college - it was a great time!

One of my roommates made a comment on FB that her Mom is ill - and after seeing some of her posts, I decided to send her some cheer.

I don't generally make religiously themed cards, but this one was completely appropriate, and I LOVE how the pink and green work together.

Click HERE to see the other gift I sent along with her so she could have some notes to send to her Mom when she couldn't be with her.

BONUS:  HERE is a link on how to make these bows.... SO easy!!  So pretty!!!

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