Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gift Card Holders, and a Story!!

So here are two gift card holders I made for gifts for my parents.... to put gift cards in.
The thing is, these are the SECOND gift card holders I made for them.... the first ones were STOLEN! They were placed in a blue mailbox near our house, and when they envelope got to my sister, it was taped shut, and a horse Christmas card was in it.

A couple of things.... 1. I sent along a $50 gift card in one of them, and my sister was going to put a card from a local restaurant in the other one. 2. I would NEVER send a horse Christmas card!!!

Next.... I spent 1 hour 10 minutes on hold with the post office when we discovered this (before Christmas).... and they were SUPPOSED to call me by the 29th after they "investigated". I've had no return phone call, but I do have a "case number".

I'm about to go to our local media to get some action. I've heard of two other incidences like this... one in Alaska where an entire bag of mail was left on the side of the road, and things opened and stolen out of it. Don't these people realize it's a federal offense to steal from the mail?????

Well..... above you have a picture of the two newest gift card holders I made. I'm sorry I didn't take pics of the first set.... they were SO pretty!!!

Your comments are always appreciated!

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