Sunday, January 1, 2017

2017 Annual Calendar Project April - June

I took some risks with each of the three calendar pages in this post. 

 The April calendar uses one of my very favorite Easter stamps.  The silhouette reminds me so much of a series I read called The Boxcar Children.  They were easy reads, but chapter books with only these silhouette pictures at the start of each chapter.  I still love them.  I stamped an image in white craft ink on the background to give it more interest.

 For May, I used a burnishing technique to color the grass and sky you see looking through the window.  It's difficult to see, but the Happy Mother's Day cut is there.

My Dad loves to bowl, and belongs (I believe) to two bowling leagues.  I used to go with him when we were out of school... and have tomato juice from the bar while I watched the men bowling.  I picked up bowling again in 2016 with my friend Rozella once a week until the bowling alley pushed us out because they were starting a new league when we could bowl. (BAD bowling alley!)

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