Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring Break 2011 - Great Smoky Mountains, Tennessee!

We spent the week of Spring Break 2011 in Gatlinburg, Sevierville (Severe ville) and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee which are all right in the Smoky Mountains!

Here's a view of the outside of our timeshare... the property was gorgeous!!!

Here's the view off our back porch... look down, there's a stream!

Here' the inside view of our cabin in the woods. All the modern conveniences, but SO beautiful in the mountains!!!

Here's my husband... we drove through here every day... even in the spring with the trees just starting to get their leaves, it was SO pretty!!

The Great Smoky Mountains. It had rained that morning, and we canceled plans to go into N. Carolina - but instead drove up to Clingman's Dome that day. It was TOO foggy to see anything!!!

OH, the waterfalls!!!! The were everywhere! Driving along the road it was a surprise to look over, and there was a waterfall just back in a little recessed area.

This is a place called "The Sinks". It's very dangerous, so no swimming! It was a really amazing place for listening to the water, and taking pictures. Why is it called The Sinks? Because on the left, where the water drains from the stream, there's a huge hole... a meander, and then the stream makes a 90 degree turn!

Another view of The Sinks...

OH! Another waterfall!

I walked a long distance for this one down the road... it was WAY back, and this is even a telephoto shot!

I LOVE THE MOUNTAINS!!! (Have I said that yet??)

Here we are, trying to get to Clingman's Dome - it was closed! The first day we drove up, we found out that it was closed... but couldn't see anything because of the fog. The 2nd time we drove up, we found out that it was closed until March 31st!!! We were too early! :(

This is a picture of Cades Cove. It's an 11 mile drive right in the midst of the Smokies...

He never moved!!! We took the picture, and drove past him... and a family drove right near and took a picture with the kids in the foreground...

Well, here I am! One of the FEW pictures I like of myself....

We spent one day in N. Carolina at the Biltmore... what an AMAZING place! It was totally worth it... Thanks to Dad for allowing me to have his Audio tour! It wouldn't have been the same without it!!!
You can see my parents in this picture... the are walking towards the mansion/castle.. in a blue coat, and brown/white vest.

Here they are! Mom wanted to go to this restaurant called Bullfish. Food was GREAT! Service was FANTASTIC!!

I'm so happy they are able to come with us on our trips.

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