Sunday, September 21, 2008

Please Help and Vote for Your Favorite!

I had so many ideas for Christmas cards this year, I decided to make one of each of my designs (and some I didn't get to). I'm going to ask a big favor, and have you pick which one of these I make for our family and friends. I just can't decide! Please, HELP!!!

This is the Fireplace Scene.

The Tree and Snowflakes

Ornament and Lights

Wreath with Bow

and Snowflake Christmas Lights
(scraplifted from Karen W on the Cricut MB )
Here is the link to her original card:

Please choose your favorite, and vote! I will have the voting open from today, Sept. 21 until Halloween, October 31. That will give me time to produce the cards and have them ready to send out for Christmas.

Thanks so much for your help... I'm really in a dilemma! I don't know which one I like best!

Just look to the right for the lil' voting buttons, and click on your favorite!
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