Sunday, July 30, 2017

More Christmas Cards - Snowman!

I have a NEW technique on today's cards.  I made each of the backgrounds from watercolor paper!
 Notice each one is different on the melting snowman.  My niece sent this card many years ago as a Christmas card with the melted snowman, and I LOVED it!!  I've made many since then. (Thanks, Alex!)
 I ordered something called Color Burst.  It's a product from Ken Oliver.  I saw a super, SUPER cool idea using it and had to try it.  Each design comes up different every time. 
 I also ran the watercolor paper through my die cutter with no dies after it dried to flatten it out and thin it so it wasn't so bulky on the card. I LOVE how these designs turned out!  It's the coolest technique!
HERE is a link to the first YouTube video I watched showing these amazing Color Burst paint pigments. 
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