Friday, March 18, 2016

Branson Spring Break

This year's Spring Break found us in Branson!  My husband and I aren't much into country music shows, so we spent the week doing other things.

Near Springfield, MO there's a drive-through cave!  We were early enough to get a private tour with the driver.  It was GREAT!!!  We got some amazing pictures, and I bought a Himalayan Salt Lamp that is set up on a timer.  SO cool!  We love big rocks anyway.... above or below ground!  If you get a chance to go to Fantastic Caverns, take it!!  It has some interesting, unique history.

 The other place we went to was the National Tiger Sanctuary.  I'll say it now... I'M IN LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!
I mean, I love kitties... and I love BIG kitties....  this tour was fantastic!
This is Harry.  When we got home, I did a(n) NTS adoption, and adopted Harry!  I'll do this every year from now on.  Maybe I'll pick another cat - maybe one of the lions - or just stay with Harry.
He was charming when we were on our tour, and I fell in love with that really big kitty!!!!!
He pouted!  It was super cute!
I've asked permission to add one of the videos we took... waiting for permission.

AND I got permission from NTS!  Here's our video of Harry, and Judah the Lion.  Harry is charming. :)

Here's a very SHORT but adorable video we took of Judah - he's definitely a comedian!

The animals' stories can break your heart, but they are so very well taken care of... we are definitely going back!

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